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If you’re looking for a fun platform that kicks boredom out of your life, then you’ll love Chatville. This Random video chat site is one of a kind and creates an environment where people can come to find romance, companionship, and lasting friendship. Without mincing words, Chatville is the best website for making new friends, meeting random strangers, and keeping in touch with old friends. Thanks to this platform, your boring days are over as you can instantly connect with thousands of interesting strangers looking to video chat.

How to use Chatville

Thanks to the brilliant design of this platform, anyone can navigate the platform without sweating it. Also, connecting with random strangers on Chatville is a stroll in the park. While the platform is offered free of charge, you’ll need to sign up for an account to access all the brilliant features available on Chatville.

After creating the account users need to complete their profile and update their profile picture if they wish to. And because the site takes users’ privacy very seriously, you can use just about any picture. Once you have completed your profile, you’ll get instant access to Chatville’s functions and can explore or start conversations immediately.

Chatville has rules to curb unruly behaviour in conversations just to keep interactions civil.

Major Features of Chatville

Do you want to know why this platform is highly sought after? Well, it is because of the unique features it offers. Read on as we take you through some of the top features of this platform.

No registration fee required

With Chatville, you won’t pay registration fees before you can access all the unique features the platform offers. This is brilliant especially when you look at the myriads of paid random chat sites out there. So if you don’t have the money to pay and still want to connect with random strangers globally, now is an awesome time to explore the platform.

Robust text conversations

If you’re a sucker for privacy and not confident showing your face on your webcam, you’ll love this feature as you can still chat privately and connect with random strangers without showing your face.

Multiple chatrooms

Chatville has different chatrooms for every kind of interest from sports to cars and dating. There is also a VIP chatroom for people who want to take things up a notch. To gain access to this chatroom, you’ll need to have at least 270 tokens.

Broadcast webcam

This is a brilliant feature for people who want to gain followers on the platform. All you need to do is broadcast your webcams and you’ll get tons of requests from people who want to join.

Private chat

Registered users can invite people to private chat sessions through email. Registered members can also send unlimited instant messages to any user, change the colour of their text, upload unlimited content and have a nickname.

Robust filter options

There are gender and age filters to narrow down the people you interact with. The gender filter is free to use. Plus, Chatville allows you to view a user’s broadcasts before initiating a chat with them.

Chatville’s intuitive interface

Chatville is loved for its intuitive and sleek interface. Whether you’re using your smartphone to access the platform or using your desktop, you’re so going to love the experience. Unfortunately, Chatville doesn’t yet have a dedicated mobile app, so you have to access the platform via the web, using any browser of your choice.

Pros And Cons Of Chatville


  • The platform is offered free of charge
  • The platform has a clean, intuitive and easy to navigate designed
  • Chatville has a guest version for people who don’t want to signup for an account
  • Filters are free to use.


  • Users can only access the limited versions and functions of the site without an account or registration.
  • Anonymous users can have malicious intent.
  • Users are casual.

Is Chatville Safe To Use?

When it comes to users’ safety, Chatville has put quite a number of features in place to guarantee users’ safety. To start with, the platform is rated 18+, so the platform is only accessible to people who are 18 or older. Also, you can report any unruly user you come across. And in case you’re no longer interested in chatting with a user, you can simply click next to be matched with another random user.


Chatville is the best place to be if you’re looking yo kick boredom out of your life. The platform is offered free of charge and connects you with random strangers looking to chat and have fun. And yes, you don’t need to sign up for an account before you can start chatting with random users.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chatville

Is Chatville the same as Omegle

Even though they offer similar services, Chatville is very different from Omegle. Plus, the platform offers some features you’ll not find on Omegle.

Is Chatville designed as a hookup app?

Chatville isn’t a hookup app. Rather, it is a random video chatting platform that connects random strangers looking to have fun and exciting video chat sessions.

Is Chatville safe?

Chatville has a number of safety features in place to protect users. The platform helps moderate chatroom and allows users to report suspicious users.

Is Chatville for teenagers?

No. Only users who are 18 or older can use Chatville. Young teenagers are restricted to the guest site and are advised against using Chatville.

How many webcams can I watch at a time?

You can watch 4 webcams at a  time.

Chatville – What Does It Actually Mean?

Random video chat or Chatville as it is often called is a unique chat app that allows users to connect with random strangers across the world, either using their mobile phones or operating systems.

While Chatville gives users an option to chat with strangers from a country of their choosing, users can also go with the flow by allowing the platform to link them to random strangers from random countries who are ready to have a conversation. With Chatville you get a unique opportunity to connect with your better half or build a lasting friendship with a random stranger you met online.

And like we mentioned right from the get-go, Chatville is offered free of charge, making it a fantastic alternative to many paid video chat apps out there. With Chatville, you not only get to connect with random strangers, oh yes, but you also get to do that without paying a dime. Plus, you get seamless access to all the excellent features available on our platform.

5-Star Rated Chatville


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