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MocoSpace has been generating a lot of buzz since it launched in 2005. The platform is one of the best places to meet and chat with random strangers. So for people who are bored and looking for a platform that lets them connect with random users, you’ll love this awesome platform and everything it offers. Read on as we take you through everything you need to know about MocoSpace.

How to use MocoSpace

Unlike other random chat sites, MocoSpace requires users to create an account and a profile containing information about them.  Once users provide this info, they can send out friend requests, search for friends, chat with friends via direct messages and share status updates. Status updates show up on your wall or timeline so your friends can see them and know what’s going on, what you’re doing, or where you are. Users can also share media like pictures and Gifs. You can add characters to your home page with graphics and images that reflect your personality or interests. You can also add privacy settings to limit who is able to view your profile or search you out.

Major features of MocoSpace

MocoSpace offers tons of remarkable features designed to make every minute spent on the platform worth it. Here are some of the top features available on the platform.

Customized profiles and headers

Users can customize their profile background and headers to reflect their personality or to tell more about themselves. This adds life to the otherwise lifeless and flat profile pages found on other sites.


MocoSpace is a good community-building tool. As a microblogging platform, MocoSpace allows users to start their blogs directly from their home pages.


One of the exciting things that makes this platform so amazing is that it provides support for multiple chatrooms. This is a fun and interesting way to communicate with several friends at once. Chats can include video and photo content which is enabled by JavaScript code and is run in real-time. Chats could be with a group or in private with one person.


There are several forums on several topics on MocoSpace. This means there is something to interest everybody, from gaming to fishing, dating, cars and sports.

Classified ads

MocoSpace allows classified ads on its platform.

Sleek and intuitive interface

MocoSpaceis a platform that was created for first-generation smartphones utilizing the earliest commercial versions of the internet for individual and mobile use, so the interface is very simple and somewhat crude by present standards. The interface tries to display all the available features on the homepage. MocoSpace isn’t like the social networking sites of its time, like my space, it runs on JavaScript so actions can be executed in real-time.

Pros And Cons Of MocoSpace


  • Made for the simplest and cheapest smartphones with internet access.
  • You don’t need to pay to access the platform
  • The platform is used by thousands of users so there is no shortage of users to chat with
  • You can join multiple chatrooms at a time.


  • The platform is constantly being tweaked to handle the content on the site as it wasn’t built for the quantity of traffic it gets.

Is MocoSpace Safe To Use?

MocoSpace as a pioneering social networking platform has the same issues all social networking sites have when it comes to people constantly updating and putting details of their lives online. It can lead to a breach of privacy, attract stalkers, or a false sense of familiarity or connection to total strangers.

To different degrees, these can pose dangers to users depending on how the platform is utilized. MocoSpace isn’t a dating site so there are no age restrictions and parents must monitor how their kids interact on the platform as they would on any other social network.

As much as MocoSpace can be used to forge real friendships and connections, it is wise to remember that these are strangers behind profiles and pictures and the false sense of familiarity is misleading and can be exploited by scammers for financial purposes and other reasons.


This platform is a great place to be if you’re looking for a fun chat site that lets you connect with random users across the globe. And because the platform is free to use, you won’t have to pay anything to connect with other random users looking to connect as friends and build meaningful relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions About MocoSpace

How do I begin viewing webcams?

Viewing webcams via MocoSpace is one of the easiest things to do. All you need to do is click the allow button and proceed to start. It’s that simple.

Is it possible to filter people you can see?

Since we are a random chat site, we haven’t put together a great deal of filters that allow people to chat with specific random strangers, and that’s because we want to keep the entire concept of this chat site random. That said, users still get an opportunity to filter random users according to their location. To do this, all you have to do is tap the country dropdown menu sitting just at the top of the screen. This will allow you to choose a specific country where you wish to connect with people from. With MocoSpace, you have two options: you either connect with strangers from specific countries or just go with the flow and chat with random users from diverse countries.

How can you talk to strangers you meet?

With MocoSpace, there are two ways to communicate with people you meet on the platform. On the one hand, you can simply chat by typing in the text area. On the flip side, you can simply speak directly to the microphone or webcam. However, you need to enable your microphone for the second option.

I don’t like the person I’m communicating with- How do I connect with someone new?

MocoSpace has made switching between users a walk in the park. All you need to do is hit the Next button located underneath your webcam, and you’ll be instantly connected to another random user. You can keep pressing the next button until you find a stranger you would like to talk to.

Is it possible to stop seeing webcams without leaving the website?

Of course, and the process is pretty easy. Simply hit the Stop button located underneath your webcam screen. Once you hit this button, you’ll immediately stop viewing webcams. And if you want to resume viewing webcams again, you can simply press the Start button.

MocoSpace – What Does It Actually Mean?

Random video chat or MocoSpace as it is often called is a unique chat app that allows users to connect with random strangers across the world, either using their mobile phones or operating systems.

While MocoSpace gives users an option to chat with strangers from a country of their choosing, users can also go with the flow by allowing the platform to link them to random strangers from random countries who are ready to have a conversation. With MocoSpace you get a unique opportunity to connect with your better half or build a lasting friendship with a random stranger you met online.

And like we mentioned right from the get-go, MocoSpace is offered free of charge, making it a fantastic alternative to many paid video chat apps out there. With MocoSpace, you not only get to connect with random strangers, oh yes, but you also get to do that without paying a dime. Plus, you get seamless access to all the excellent features available on our platform.

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