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What is Tohla

Tohla is among one of the most popular random video chatting sites for meeting and connecting with random strangers. Like some of the leading random video chat sites, Tohla doesn’t charge users any fee for using the platform. And the best part is that users don’t need to sign up for an account before they can start chatting with random strangers.

All you need to do to kick off a chatting session is hit the connect now button. It’s that easy. What we love most about Tohla is that users have multiple ways through which they can chat with strangers including via text chat, voice chat, and video chat. Also, the platform has a drawing feature which is great for sharing creations with other users.

And in case you’re bored and looking to spice things up, you can hit the “I’m Bored” button to enjoy a quick mini-game session.

How to use Tohla

One of the things we like about Tohla is its simplicity. Unlike other random video chatting apps, Tohla is pretty easy to use. Besides the platform being free to use, Tohla doesn’t require any registration or sign-up process. All you need to do is visit the platform via your favorite browser to start chatting and making friends. With Tohla, users can decide to chat via text or video options, depending on what they are most comfortable with. Also, users on this platform are matched according to their interests. If you want to skip any chat, you do that immediately by clicking the exit chat button.

Main Features of Tohla

One area Tohla stands out from other random video chat sites is that it offers several features aimed at improving users’ chatting experience. Besides being user-friendly, here are some of the features that make Tohla worth checking out.

Free to use

Unlike other random video chat apps where you have to pay a fee to connect and chat with random strangers, Tohla is offered free of charge. This explains why the platform is insanely popular among users who are looking for a free platform that lets them connect and make friends with random strangers.

No Signup required

With Tohla, you don’t need to register or sign up for an account before you can start meeting with random strangers. This makes the platform super easy to use. Plus, it means you can keep your privacy in check.

Video chat

In addition to text chat, video chats are more immersive and happen in real-time via webcam. Strangers can connect and video chat with other strangers via voice and video on Meet Skip. They can also have a one-on-one chat or a group video chat. If users are not interested in chatting with a stranger or they want to end the chat, they can simply skip to the next chat. It’s as easy as that.

Media sharing

You can share pictures and videos directly from your camera roll with your new friends. This can add spice to the chat and make it more interesting for all involved. Users can also share media on private chats or chatrooms, as well as text and video chat.

Interactive games

Besides connecting users with random strangers, the platform also has a gaming option for people who want to kick off boredom.

Pros and cons of Tohla


  • The platform is easy to use and navigate
  • You don’t need to register to use the platform
  • Tohla is offered free of charge
  • Tohla attracts thousands of users from all over the world.
  • Users get to connect with random strangers who share similar interests.


  • No user identity or verification is required.
  • No advanced features to maintain relationships.
  • All users are casual and may not be committed
  • No age restriction, so parental control is strongly advised.
  • No mobile application available, so you have to access the platform using the web.

Is Tohla safe to use?

Tohla is relatively new and we don’t have any info on the identity of the owners. Similarly, with the low entry bar and no required sign-up or profile, it is impossible for the platform to keep track of the users that chat on the site or verify their identity. When chatting with strangers on the internet it’s best to be prudent with the information you reveal.

Also, with the absence of age verification or restriction, everyone is allowed to use Tohla, including adults and minors and this kind of contact shouldn’t be encouraged. Minors may be in danger of grooming or child predators online.


This platform is a great place to be if you’re looking for a fun chat site that lets you connect with random users across the globe. And because the platform is free to use, you won’t have to pay anything to connect with other random users looking to connect as friends and build meaningful relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tohla

How do I begin viewing webcams?

Viewing webcams on this platform is one of the easiest things to do. All you need to do is click the allow button and proceed to start. It’s that simple.

Is Tohla an adult dating site?

No, it is a live video chat site, for strangers to meet, chat and become friends.

Do I need to register to start chatting?

With Tohla, you don’t need to register or sign up on the platform before you can start chatting with random strangers.

Can I use the platform for free?

Tohla is 100% free, so you won’t need to pay anything to join the platform.

5-Star Rated Tohla
Tohla – What Does It Actually Mean?

Random video chat or Tohla as it is often called is a unique chat app that allows users to connect with random strangers across the world, either using their mobile phones or operating systems.

While the platform gives users an option to chat with strangers from a country of their choosing, users can also go with the flow by allowing the platform to link them to random strangers from random countries who are ready to have a conversation. What is unique about this platform is that you get a unique opportunity to connect with your better half or build a lasting friendship with a random stranger you met online.

And like we mentioned right from the get-go, the platform is offered free of charge, making it a fantastic alternative to many paid video chat apps out there. With Meet Skip, you not only get to connect with random strangers, oh yes, but you also get to do that without paying a dime. Plus, you get seamless access to all the excellent features available on our platform.

5-Star Rated Tohla


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